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Explore our range of handmade silk products in a range of colours from deep sea blues to the prettiest pastel pinks. Our silk collection is handmade in the garden of Ireland, County Wicklow, from the finest Chinese mulberry silk.

We believe the process of purchasing our silk products should be the best experience, from the moment you click ‘Confirm Order’ to the excitement of the arrival of your parcel; the suspenseful opening of our luxurious gift wrapping and the glorious moment your silk goodie first touches your skin and hair. We have centred our collection around this experience, and we hope that you feel every bit of love and excitement for our range of handmade silk products as we do.

The benefits of SILK

By Vitaly Gorbachev
It cares for YOU
Silk helps your skin and hair retain moisture, leaving your complexion plump, prevents split-ends and hair thinning. Our super-soft silk reduces the friction between you and your pillowcase meaning your skin and hair wont be tugged while you sleep.
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It is naturally occurring
Silk is a a naturally occurring biodegradable fabric which makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Not only that, it’s naturally hypoallergenic making it a great choice for those who suffer with skin irritations, asthma or eczema.
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It helps you sleep
Silk is naturally temperature-regulating. This means that silk will keep you cool during those hot summer nights and warm during those blustery winter ones. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase with a silk eye mask helps to improve sleep and make you feel like you get those 8 hours every night!

Caring For

Your Silk

Silk is a strong, natural protein fibre woven into fabric which is then used to create our luxurious silk range of bedding and accessories. When it comes to silk, if you are good to your silk, it will be good to you! The better you care for your silk (by following the steps in the button below), the longer it will keep its lustrous shine and softness and continue to provide the many health and beauty benefits associated with wearing and sleeping on silk.

Our handmade silk products can be hand-washed or machine-washed as long as all of the steps are followed.


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