Our Story

Sorcha Noone Ireland is dedicated to luxury silk products handcrafted in Wicklow, Ireland and working with the local community to keep Irish sewing traditions alive. The idea for Sorcha Noone first came to founder Rowena Kenny sitting in an airport in Dubrovnik, Croatia, after a beautiful holiday that was almost (only almost!) ruined by another bout of irritating eczema compounded by sleeping on the beautiful hotel’s cotton sheets. Aware that silk was good for people who suffered from irritating skin conditions, she began researching the best quality Irish-made silk bedding and was amazed to find that no business actually made silk bedding here in the Emerald Isle, they only imported finished silk goods. As she delved further into the health and beauty benefits of silk, Rowena was amazed by how truly extraordinary the properties of silk were and fell in love with the sheen and softness against her skin and hair.

After finding the highest quality silk, straight from the source in China, once a starting point of the historic silk road, Rowena decided to change the end point of the silk road to County Wicklow and began sewing silk pillowcases initially just for herself, friends and family. As demand for her products grew, she decided to grow the team and expand her silk collection to create other silk bedding and accessories, which they sold all over Ireland and overseas.

Our mission is to bring something handmade and unique to the Irish marketplace where our customers know that the process from start to finish is as handmade and personal as it gets. We have big dreams and aspirations for Sorcha Noone and look forward to sharing our journey of creating everyday luxury with each and every one of you in the future.

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