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Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

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Troubled sleep, dry eyes in the morning, travels a lot. Sound familiar? Have the best sleep of your life with our handmade silk blackout eye masks!

Our eye masks are designed to envelope the natural curves of your face to block out every bit of light allowing you your precious lie-on on the sunniest morning or catch some extra beauty sleep on your commute to work. This is all while protecting your delicate eye area and preventing any dry skin irritations. Sleeping with our silk eye masks also prevents your eyelashes from falling out while you sleep due to silk being so smooth, so it doesn’t tug on your eyelashes. It is also anti-aging for this reason as your delicate eye skin is not being tugged in every which way while you sleep and silk is not absorbing your natural moisture from the skin around your eyes.

Check out more health and beauty benefits of wearing silk here.

We have matching silk eye masks in every colour of our silk pillowcases to give you the full glam effect while you sleep.

Material: 100% grade 6A mulberry silk charmeuse on outer layers. Blackout wadding for innermost layer.

Silk weight: 19 momme

Handmade in Ireland

Click here to see silk care.

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Eye mask, Eye mask & Pillowcase


Pearl White, Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, Crème Brûlée Cream, Platinum Silver, Candy Floss Pink

4 reviews for Silk Eye Mask

  1. Tara

    Beautiful luxurious fabric and I love the cool feel of the silk while sleeping.

  2. Tara

    I love my silk mask. They are super soft on my skin.

  3. Ian

    These are the best eyemasks I’ve ever used! Ideal for anyone who works evening/night shifts. They are completely black out and still really comfortable and breathable. The silk feels amazing too!

  4. Lauren

    Purchased three of these for both female and male! Comfort is definitely key with these eye masks! We all absolutely loved them! I suffer from acne and never experienced break outs or blockages in my skin while using the eye mask! I also worked nights during the summer and they really helped during the day time sleeping! They are so comfortable around the head and I never have any issues with them during my sleep! The colours are a fab range and the packaging in which it is delivered is so gorgeous! Ecp when one of the items was a present, it really adds to everything! My mam was delighted! I can’t wait to purchase more stuff in the future! 😍 well done Rowena! Gorgeous business! Rowena was so helpful when purchasing the products aswell! So friendly and helpful! Rowena was very grateful for the purchase aswell which shows her dedication to her business 😊

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