Silk Eye Mask with Border


Mulberry Silk Eye Mask with a Piping Border



Troubled sleep, dry eyes in the morning, travels a lot. Sound familiar? Have the best sleep of your life with our new design silk eye masks!

Soft, shiny, durable and thick, our new silk eye masks allows you your precious lie-on on the sunniest morning or catch some extra beauty sleep on your commute to work. This is all while protecting your delicate eye area and preventing any dry skin irritations. Sleeping with our silk eye masks also prevents your eyelashes from falling out while you sleep due to silk being so smooth, it doesn’t tug on your eyelashes. It is also anti-aging for this reason as your delicate eye skin is not being tugged in every which way while you sleep and silk is not absorbing your natural moisture from the skin around your eyes.

Check out more health and beauty benefits of wearing silk here.

Available in 2 colours for now.

Material: 100% grade 6A mulberry silk charmeuse on outer layers. Blackout wadding for innermost layer.

Silk weight: 19 momme

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Pearl White, Midnight Black


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