Silk Benefits

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It's good for your skin
Sleeping on or wearing silk promotes a glowing complexion and soft, plump skin. This is because silk does not absorb moisture from your skin like other materials, such as cotton, which leaves your skin dry and flaked.
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It's anti-aging
It is anti-aging. Our super-soft silk reduces the friction between your delicate facial skin and your pillowcase meaning your skin is not being tugged and stretched while you sleep. Studies have shown this prevents wrinkles.
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It'll save your expensive night-time treatments
Since silk is a non-absorbent fabric, this means that when you are sleeping on our silk pillowcases and eyemasks, your expensive night-time moisturiser or mask isn’t transferring from your face onto your pillowcase or eyemask.
By Vitaly Gorbachev
It's good for your hair
Silk helps your hair to retain its moisture which, in turn, prevents split-ends or your hair from thinning. The softness of silk helps keep your hairstyle in place so any curls/straightened/blow-dried hair will stay in place until the morning while you sleep because your pillowcase will not be tugging at your hair all night.
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It's good for your eyelashes
Sleeping with our silk eyemasks on our silk pillowcases will reduce the friction between your pillowcase or eyemask with your eyelashes. This prevents your eyelashes from falling out while you sleep and encourages growth.
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Silk is naturally hypoallergenic
This is beneficial for those struggling with skin irritations, asthma or eczema. This is due to the tightly woven structure of silk threads in our silk fabric which naturally repel live allergens (such as dust mites often found in our bedding).
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It's naturally temperature-regulating
Because of the amazing properties in silk fabric, it is naturally temperature-regulating. This means that silk will keep you cool during those hot summer nights and warm during those blustery winter ones.
By Freepik
It encourages better sleep
Sleeping on a silk pillowcase with a silk eyemask helps to improve sleep and make you feel like you get those 8 hours every night!
By Freepik
It's good for the planet
Silk is the environmentally friendly and sustainable choice since it is a naturally occurring biodegradable fabric.