Sorcha Noone’s First Anniversary

My first blog post is one close to heart.

Who I am

Rowena Kenny founder of Sorcha Noone

My name is Rowena Kenny and I am the founder and owner of Sorcha Noone Ireland. I decided to dedicate my first blog post to dreams of our hearts, in our heads, on our to-do lists, dreams in action, dreams that have been put on hold and dreams that have taken flight so far beyond the stars where we didn’t even know our dreams could fly to.

How I got here

My dream for my whole life was to own a business where I designed and created things. Growing up, my mother used to tell me about the most luxurious fabric one could ever wear. I became obsessed. I wanted silk clothes, silk bedsheets, silk cushions, silk curtains, silk everything! At that time, I didn’t realise the mountain of health and beauty benefits associated with wearing and sleeping on silk. I was only concerned with the look and feel of silk against my skin.

Fast forward several years and after much thought and preparation with the idea to sell handmade silk products in Ireland, I bought my first bulk order of beautiful Mulberry silk charmeuse during a trip to Sri Lanka. I bought silver, black, red and pink silk and immediately began sewing silk pillowcases as soon as I arrived back in Ireland. Initially I began sewing silk pillowcases for myself, family and friends. As the order numbers grew and my confidence flourished, I started sewing orders for friends of friends and friends of friends of friends.

Sorcha Noone’s first anniversary

One year ago this month, I set up an Instagram page where I decided to channel my whole business for the Christmas period. I took pictures, videos, reels, boomerangs, you name it; I made it! I uploaded everything to my Instagram page @sorchanooneireland. At first, I was quite nervous putting myself out there. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but I quickly realised, as I was flinging my hair this way and that for a reel, that I needed to get over the fear of what people thought of me if I was going to succeed with this business.

One of the main reasons I’m writing this blog is to encourage anyone with a dream, big or small, to let go of the fear of judgement from others and hold that dream at the forefront of your beautiful mind. Coming from a small town in Ireland, the fear of failure stopped me from starting Sorcha Noone sooner. I don’t know how many years earlier I would have started my business if I didn’t cringe at the thought of people judging my product pictures and videos. If I could tell me younger self anything, it would be: “Just get out there, do your thing, stay in your own lane and the rest will fall into place.”

The future of Sorcha Noone

Happy anniversary to my baby business Sorcha Noone. Only one year in and we have a website, a beautiful collection of silk bedding and accessories, a loyal and brilliant customer base and an ocean of ideas for the future. Our mission is to embrace self-love and care and bring you the best everyday luxury possible.

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